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we have developed the ability to innovate through capacity building, solution of challenges, creation and acceleration of business

We believe in interdisciplinarity, divergence, co-creation, empowerment and transformation. Above all, we believe that innovation is done in practice. Our purpose is to break paradigms and strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Brazil. LAJE is the place where people find inspiration and training.

We offer a space where small and medium companies can find tools for their growth. Here is where large organizations confront the instability and challenges of the market to extract new business, along with practical and agile solutions with high potential for implementation.


let's build together the transformation we want?

our courses, programs and workshops integrate methodology, practice and co-creation, counting on local professionals and specialist facilitators.

Applied Project:
that transforms

We believe that innovation comes from diversity of ideas and knowledge and, above all, from relevant initiatives that carry impactful purpose.

The Applied Project takes place in partnership with non-profit institutions and social enterprises. Our 36-hour courses are targeted to the promotion of practical learning and generation of social impact.

Does your business feature a relevant purpose for society? We look forward to meeting you.

Lajership: business benefits program

We believe people are the intellectual capital that drives the growth of the business. For this reason, we offer special benefits to employees of companies registered with LAJE. Register your company today without any cost.


building and transforming your business

In a world where rapid transformations cause major disruptions in traditional business models, how important is the development of a new innovation mindset within large organizations?


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some of the companies that have already created value along with the LAJE:

LAJE executive team

Adriana Kimura

Ana Salomão

Ana Sartori

Bruna Rezende

Economist with MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership and Executive MBA from Insper in addition to courses at schools such as Harvard and Kaos Pilot. He has worked in companies and projects of national and multinational companies in which he has led projects in strategic planning, business development, new business and mergers and acquisitions. He founded two startups and is currently Partner and CEO at LAJE, an innovation platform that develops business innovation and cultural transformation projects in companies around the world.

Bruno Rossener

He graduated in Production Engineering from UFSCar. There, he worked on projects such as TAG, D-Lab in Brazil and UFSCar's community course - teaching math. He studied in Germany at KIT as an academic exchange student.

Back to Brazil, he worked with digital marketing and digital product at a startup called Pin People. At Laje, he is responsible for making the product scalable.

Carlos Augusto Schmidt

Accountant graduated from UFRJ, he was an accounting / administrative intern at VDB Marítima and an accounting assistant at H. Stern.

At LAJE, he is responsible for the indicators and execution of the end-to-end processes of Business and the management of LAJE Space for rent.

Cecília Schiavo

Diogo Castro

Diogo is a Lawyer graduated from UCAM/RJ with extension at the University of California. He holds an MBA in Business Management from FGV/RJ and has accomplished a PMP certification from The Project Management Institute. He has founded two startups. The last one was

Junior Explorers, which got accelerated by 500.Startups in Silicon Valley. As a gamified educational content platform focused on Wildlife and Ecology, it was awarded Brain Child and Product of the Year in 2015 by the Creative Child Awards.

Higor Monteiro

Currently studying marketing at IBMR, he was communications director at e-commerce outlawz store. The passion for brands and entrepreneurship has made Conti, an agency of strategy and communication, the curiosity makes me to be connected to technological and sociocultural novelties. At LAJE we work in the experience of the courses and CPW.

Julia Barros

With a degree in Industrial Design and an academic exchange at the Polytechnic of Milan, she is postgraduate in Marketing from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - COPPEAD / UFRJ. Specialist in the area of ​​Service Design and Design Thinking, Julia works in LAJE as a

Project Manager and is responsible for the projects that involves strategy and culture innovation. Developing and leading projects for clients such as Natura, Janssen, Soluções Usiminas, Equinix, amongst others.

Juliana Paolucci

Designer graduated from Esdi / UERJ, specializing in Design Thinking at HPI D-School, Germany. He is master in Design by Esdi / UERJ, being Design and Anthropology his line of research. It has already carried out innovation projects in Europe, Asia and Latin America for a diverse range of industries. Passionate about facilitating creative and educational processes, it keeps connected to its market action with multiple forms of generation and exchange of knowledge, boosting organizations and people through the innovation guided by the Design. She is currently Director of Innovation for the LAJE - innovation platform of the Ana Couto group -, as well as a guest lecturer at COPPEAD / UFRJ and FIA / USP.

Lucas Waltenberg

Marina Sirito

Graduated in Design by PUC-Rio, master in Design by the Graduate Program in Design of the Higher School of Industrial Design ESDI / UERJ and doctorate in the same program. Integrates the Laboratory of Design and Anthropology (LaDA), with research focused on the approaches of Design Anthropology, Participatory Design, Codesign and Design for Social Innovation, located at ESDI / UERJ. He made an exchange in Lisbon-PT at IADE - Creative University. Has experience in graphic design and communication management for having worked as a freelancer in the areas of visual communication and editorial design and with brand repositioning and communication management in Decathlon. At LAJE, she acts as a creative process facilitator and Project Manager.

Paulo Marinho

Rafael Balan

Head of the courses of LAJE and coordinator of the course of Innovation in Business, founder of From Knowledge to Results and Partner-Director of Incrementare. He was the Director of Corporate Programs at HSM, Director of Corporate Programs for the Institute of Performance and Leadership (iPL), Academic Director of BBS Angola and Brazil, and Executive Education Director at Business School São Paulo (BSP). Executive MBA from Brazilian Business School, Master in Intellectual History from USP, PhD in History Theory and Hermeneutics at USP, and Professor of Entrepreneurship and Thinking Design at ESPM. He was responsible for the elaboration and execution of national and international development programs in large and medium organizations such as Siemens, Unimed, Citibank, Vale, Ipiranga, Albert Einstein Hospital, Grendene, among others - and the management of more than 30 MBA and Postgraduate courses (Brazil and Angola). He has a special focus on topics related to Complexity Management, Thinking Design, Agile Methodologies, Innovation, Leadership Development, Strategic Vision, Performance Culture and High Performance. In 2016, he was responsible for the thematic and experience curator of the largest management event in Latin America (EXPO Management - HSM)

Raíssa Torres

Advertising by ESAMC Uberlândia-MG, she was an audiovisual producer at Imaginare Filmes e Sanfona Filmes. He has produced commercials for important companies in the region such as Grupo Algar, Unimed and Detran, as well as producing

video clips for the duo Vitor and Leo and the band NX Zero, among others. Curious about the innovations and communication, she acts as Community Manager at LAJE SP.

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São Paulo

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With a structure of 75m² located in Gávea, with maximum capacity of 60 places and infrastructure for projecting video and sound, we offer a privileged location next to Baixo Gávea, one of the favorite happy hour places in Rio

Praça Santos Dumont, 80 - Gávea
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Telefone: (21) 3205 9999
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Located in Vila Madalena, we offer a structure of 75m2, with maximum capacity of 60 places and infrastructure for projecting video, sound and wireless microphone

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Telefone: (11) 3089 4949
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we promote the meeting of different points of view, ideas and knowledge

novas escolhas | o que significa algo novo em ação?

A percepção do que é novo só vem com o tempo. destacamos: aquilo foi realmente inovador, disruptivo, transformador. Mas o problema de procurar pelo surpreendente é que, a princípio, não o conhecemos. a inovação é difícil de começar porque ela não tem forma definida.

para crescer | quais os nutrientes adequados e condições propícias ao crescimento?

Nasce, cresce, reproduz. Indivíduo, time, organização e ecossistema são seres vivos que necessitam de condições básicas para seu crescimento. O tempo médio de sobrevivência das empresas tem caído enquanto se multiplicam as oportunidades e a diversificação de iniciativas. Por que o ambiente parece tão hostil quando nunca tivemos tanta abundância em nutrientes?

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Praça Santos Dumont, 80 - Gávea
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22470-060
Phone: +55 21 3205 9999
Email: contato@laje-ac.com.br


R. Mourato Coelho, 1404 - Vila Madalena
1º floor. São Paulo - SP, 05417-002
Phone: +55 11 3089 4949
Cell phone: +55 11 97542 3082
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