LAJE is an innovation and learning platform.

We co-create with our customers the transformation of their business through agile, collaborative and assertive solutions.

We empower people and organizations with new mindsets, processes, products/services and business models.


It solves people's real needs and, when put into action, generates perceived value.

how LAJE acts

An innovation strategy must be supported by two complementary pillars:


business models


working ways


Innovation Lab

LAJE Center dedicated to the co-creation and implementation of strategies, products, services, processes and business models.

Business Sprint

Agile model for co-creation and validation of business solutions.


Culture Lab

LAJE Center dedicated to the transformation of organizational culture, in order to undo impediments and enhance the performance of individuals and groups.


Workshop dedicated to strengthening team identity, fostering connection and synergy between the members and aligning them all in the same direction.

what is your challenge?
let's generate value and transform your business together.

corporate learning

we promote mindset changes by developing skills and abilities from the present, through methods applied to real business challenges.

Lajership: business benefits program

In order to consolidate the purpose of accelerating the innovation ecosystem in Brazil, LAJE offers companies and organizations the LAJERSHIP program, an agreement system that guarantees discounts and special conditions in our courses, programs and workshops in company.

some of the companies that have already created value along with the LAJE:

LAJE executive team

Adriana Kimura

Ana Salomão

Designer graduated at UFF and extended by SCAD Savannah College of Art and Design, where she specialized in Service Design and Management in Design. She has carried out projects of innovation and service improvement for large organizations such as BNP Paribas, Bradesco Seguros, Caixa Seguradora, P & G, Coca Cola, Telecine, among others. She is currently a Mentor and Social Designer at Project Resound NPO, where she leads the organization's activities in Rio de Janeiro in training the local community through cultural and educational axes. At LAJE, she acts as the Innovation Projects Coordinator to leverage the "whys" and "hows" of Design Thinking for business.

Ana Sartori

Graduated in Design at PUC-RIO, postgraduate in Design by FAAP-SP. She recently completed an MBA in Strategic Business Management at FIAP-SP. She has been working in the creative market for 15 years, being 5 years as a fashion and printing designer, and 10 years as project coordinator and new business, in agencies and creative schools. Likes challenges that involve the transformation of people and business consciousness. Today, at LAJE, she is the New Business Director.

Bruna Rezende

Economist with MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership and Executive MBA from Insper in addition to courses at schools such as Harvard and Kaos Pilot. She has worked in companies and projects of national and multinational companies in which she has led projects in strategic planning, business development, new business and mergers and acquisitions. She founded two startups and is currently Partner and CEO at LAJE.

Carlos Augusto Schmidt

Accountant graduated from UFRJ, he was a financial intern at VDB Marítima and an accounting assistant at H. Stern. At Laje, he currently works as project / operations manager and in the commercial management of Espaço Laje RJ and SP, rented for workshops, training and meetings by several companies.

Carolina Vargas

Cecília Schiavo

Designer graduated at ESPM-SP. Photographer and plastic artist with authorial projects, passionate about experimentation. She has experience in audiovisual production, having worked as a freelancer in communication. She has carried out projects for companies in various sectors, such as publishers of independent books, music branding, pilates studio, nursery school, infrastructure company, among others. At LAJE, she acts as producer of visual content.

Hugo Rafael

Graphic designer graduated at UFRJ, graduated in Typography at Central Saint Martin in London and in Posters at IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan. He has recognized expertise in Brand Identity and Experience, Digital Design and Services. Speaker at institutions such as IED Rio, Infnet Institute, POP (Contemporary Thinking Center) and LAJE, professor at the Miami Ad School in Rio de Janeiro and part of the Ana Couto team since 2010, where he has worked for clients such as Sistema Firjan, Rio Galeão, Beach Park, Coca-Cola and Caixa Seguradora, among others. At Ana Couto, he created the Services Design area, in the Business focus, seeking transformation within the companies aligning design, data, people and results for the business. He led this process in Caixa Seguradora, which, today, already has a culture in tune with principles of Service Design.

Julia Pierotti

Graduated in advertising by ESPM-RJ. There are 13 years of experience in the market, with more focus on the commercial area and trade marketing, both in consumer goods industry, communication vehicle, advertising agency and event producer. Specialist in the area of ​​special projects, with more than 7 years developing platforms of experience and communication for both products and brands. Today, at LAJE, he is part of the New Business team.

Juliana Fernandes

Juliana Paolucci

Designer graduated from Esdi / UERJ, specializing in Design Thinking at HPI D-School, Germany. She is master in Design by Esdi / UERJ, being Design and Anthropology her line of research. She has already carried out innovation projects in Europe, Asia and Latin America for a diverse range of industries. Passionate about facilitating creative and educational processes, she keeps connected to its market action with multiple forms of generation and exchange of knowledge, boosting organizations and people through the innovation guided by the Design. She is currently Director of Innovation for the LAJE.

Lucas Waltenberg

Marketing coordinator of Ana Couto and LAJE, he has a degree in Media Studies from the Federal Fluminense University (UFF), a master's and a doctorate in Communication at UFF, with a degree at the University of Western Ontario (UWO - ON, Canada). He has already been through audiovisual production, with works in web series and feature film and digital marketing agency. Since 2016 at Ana Couto, joined the team of LAJE also in 2018, aligning the integrated marketing strategy between the two companies. Passions: games and content, music and data, movies and engaged teams living their purposes.

Marcelo Valença

Marina Sirito

Graduated in Design by PUC-Rio, master in Design by the Graduate Program in Design of the Higher School of Industrial Design Esdi / UERJ and doctorate in the same program. Integrates the Laboratory of Design and Anthropology (LaDA), with research focused on the approaches of Design Anthropology, Participatory Design, Codesign and Design for Social Innovation, located at Esdi / UERJ. She made an exchange in Lisbon, Portugal, at IADE - Creative University. Has experience in graphic design and communication management for having worked as a freelancer in the areas of visual communication, editorial design and with brand repositioning and communication management in Decathlon. At LAJE, she acts as a creative process facilitator and Project Manager.

Raíssa Torres

Advertising by ESAMC Uberlândia-MG, she was an audiovisual producer at Imaginare Filmes e Sanfona Filmes. She has produced commercials for important companies in the region such as Grupo Algar, Unimed and Detran, as well as producing

video clips for the duo Vitor and Leo and the band NX Zero, among others. Curious about the innovations and communication, she acts as Project Coordinator at LAJE.

Vitor Martinez

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With a structure of 75m² located in Gávea, with maximum capacity of 60 places and infrastructure for projecting video and sound, we offer a privileged location next to Baixo Gávea, one of the favorite happy hour places in Rio

Praça Santos Dumont, 80 - Gávea
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22470-060
Telephone: + 55 (21) 3205 9999
E-mail: aluguel@laje-ac.com.br


Located in Vila Madalena, we offer a structure of 75m2, with maximum capacity of 60 places and infrastructure for projecting video, sound and wireless microphone

R. Mourato Coelho, 1404 - Vila Madalena
São Paulo - SP, 05417-002
Telephone: + 55 (11) 3089 4949

Método de Transformação de Cultura - Juliana Paolucci Método de Transformação de Cultura - Juliana Paolucci 0:54
O que é Cultura? Método LAJE de Transformação de Cultura O que é Cultura? Método LAJE de Transformação de Cultura 0:59
Método LAJE de Transformação de Cultura - MEMO Método LAJE de Transformação de Cultura - MEMO 1:01
LAJE | Liderar Mudanças - Bruna Rezende LAJE | Liderar Mudanças - Bruna Rezende 3:21
Laje | Team Building - Action Aid Laje | Team Building - Action Aid 1:00
Pi.RA no Festival Path 2019 Pi.RA no Festival Path 2019 2:34
Estratégia de Inovação | CTA 01, por Juliana Paolucci Estratégia de Inovação | CTA 01, por Juliana Paolucci 2:34

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